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Forsyth County Bar Association - 31st Judicial District Bar

Officers & Executive Committee

  • 2016-17 Executive Committee

Joshua H. Bennett, President FCBA/21st JDB

Allison Tomberlin, President Elect, FCBA, 

Jones P. Byrd, Jr.,Vice President.FCBA, Vice President JDB

Kelley Gondring, Secretary FCBA, Sec./Treas. JDB

Carrie F. Vickery, Treasurer (FCBA)

George M. Cleland, IV, Immediate Past-President

Elliot A. Fus, Past-President

Judge Denise Hartsfield, Past-President

C. Douglas Maynard, Jr, Past-President

Mary Craven Adams, Past-President

Kelley Gondring, Young Lawyers/Crim. Def. Trial Attorneys

Francie Scott, Women Attorneys

Dionne Jenkins, Winston-Salem Bar

Jones Byrd, Ethics and Grievance

Paul James, Public Defender

Judge Camille Banks-Payne, At Large

Richard Sieg, At Large

Christopher Geis, At-large

Michael L. Robinson, District Councilor

Kevin G. Williams, District Councilor


  • Budget/Finance Committee

This committee is composed of the officers and chaired by the treasurer.

  • Nominating Committee

This committee is composed of the last three past-presidents of the FCBA (chaired by the immediate past president) and representatives of the Young Lawyers, Forsyth Women Attorneys, Winston-Salem Bar and Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys.  The committee meets in May or early June of each year to prepare a slate of officers for submission to the membership.  Elections are held at July Annual Meeting.

  • Ethics and Grievance Committee

"An  Ethics  and Grievance Committee comprised of six (6) active members of the District  Bar  shall  be  elected  by  the  membership  of  the District Bar as provided in these By-laws.   The members of this committee will serve three-year terms with two  (2)  new members elected each year.   The terms of two (2) members of the initial Ethics and Grievance Committee shall begin with the date of their election and end on June 30, 1985; the terms of another two (2) members shall begin with the date of their election and end on June 30, 1986; the terms of the two (2) remaining members shall begin  with the date of their election and  end  on  June  30,  1987. The  category  into which  each initial Ethics and Grievance Committee member falls shall be determined by lot after his or her election."  See Grievance Procedures for more information.

  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Center

The Domestic Violence Advocacy Center is a collaboration of the FCBA, Legal Aid Society of Northwest North Carolina and Wake Forest University School of Law.  In domestic violence cases, the initial protective order is issued on an emergency basis without notice to the batterer, so a hearing is held ten days later for the judge to hear from both sides.  It is at that hearing that year-long protective orders are established, and it is here that the FCBA vounteer lawyers are vital.  The volunteer students conduct the initial interviews, complete the paperwork and assist the lawyers.

  • FCBA Blood Drive

The Bar Blood Drive Committee is chaired by Steve Russell.

Forsyth County Bar Association/31st Judicial District Bar staff:

  Executive Director: Administrative Assistant:
  James T. Robinson, MBA   Sandy Dickstein
The NC State Bar has advised that effective 1/1/2019, the 21st Judicial District Bar has become the 31st Judicial District Bar!
Bar Meetings
Second Monday of each month except June, August & December.

The July meeting is our annual meeting (jointly with the 31st JDB) when officers are elected.

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